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Feb. 2nd, 2014

I remember being at DiaCon back in 2011 now and people were worried over Pottermore and how the new information could rock the fandom.

And now in 2014 nothing much has really come from Pottermore that we haven't either gone "Yup, agree" or "Ha, no, information is banished from my mind forever."

So why is this new interview so different exactly?

I always love the HP fandom because I never had to get involved in shipping wars. There was so much room that they were easily avoided. As I've encountered other fandoms and discovered shipping wars going on all around me, this is still something I really appreciate about HP fandom. I know this isn't the experience of everyone, but eh, what can I say, 13 years of the fandom and that's still pretty much my experience.

Though the romance in the series is so easily one of the weakest plot components, I thought that was kind of the reason the fandom, fanfic etc, was always so strong. Because we had so much fail to work on.

Article about "Experience-taking"

Considering "Stylist" is a free magazine given out in London usually just full of rubbish, I was quite happily surprised to see this little article. Gave me pause for thought and thought a few other people might enjoy it too.

“Researchers at the Ohio State University have shown that bookworms can start behaving like their favourite characters – and coined the term ‘experience-taking’ to describe it. After studying 500 people, scientists were able to link their feelings, beliefs and internal responses with those of characters in their current book – people reading about overcoming obstacles in order to vote were more likely to cast a ballot in a real election days later. Should we be reading quite so much Stieg Larsson, then?”

The other thing I found out this week that made me laugh. I was told "Fifty Shades of Grey" started life as a Twilight fanfic... Oh publishing, you do make me giggle.



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Squeeee =D

So small update. I got promoted at the start of this month, which basically has just meant they've doubled my work load and give me a little more money, eh. It seems to be going okay. Some authors are more difficult to work with than others.

I have the most adorable Japanese author. His whole lab was destroyed by the recent earthquake. I emailed him because I was personally worried about him, he replied to assure me he'd set his lab equipment up at home and the book should still be in on time. I'm still a little stunned at his level of dedication.

But really I just wanted to post to say SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'm now seeing Hugh Laurie live in concert next Friday (been organised for a while), but as some kind soul had a spare ticket I'm also seeing the show next Wednesday! SQUEEEEEE!

No other term can properly express my fangirly joy other than SQUEEEE!

If there's anyone else going to the Warwick or London show who wants to meet up to drool over Hugh pre- or post-show, let me know!

Tis the season

At the command of gala_apples who has become demanding since she found out those shares in my soul I sold her are worthless... 



(repost if you get the reference!)

I also booked my ticket to see DH part 1, though I shall forever curse the lack of midnight showings in the UK. They had them for the last Twilight film so I was hopeful this time, but alas, earwax again. 

Pimms o'clock!

Finished, had printed and bound and handed in my DISSERTATION OF DOOOM! Something like 90 pages I handed in of text, and one page of diagram. It was exhausting but it's been an amazing thing to work on for the last year, I'm actually going to miss it. 

I got the chance to spend a year researching and writing about fandom, this thing that I love. Big, BIG thanks to everyone on here who answered my very random questions when they popped into my mind as I was trying to understand and conceptualise things! 

Essentially I'm done now! Wahhh! Though I'm already planning how to raise the money to do my next degree. Studying and working at the same time has been stressful, and there were weeks when I slept 4 hours a night if that every day of the week, and I'm constantly poor, but eh, my Mum likes to tell me that I'm not happy unless I have something to complain about, and I think there's probably a lot of truth in that, heh. 

OH! What I would love to know!! Any recipes for awesometastic cocktails?? Though sitting by the river and drinking buckets (seriously, buckets, we drink out of buckets) of Pimms is traditional, I thought I might widen my tastes a little. 

Have a great weekend! 

Musing is most unamusing

 Dear flist, 

Is it my imagination or do things of a sci-fi genre tend to attract a larger fandom around them then those that aren't? Why is this do you think? Or am I completely off my rocker? 

In further news, seriously, Torchwood remade by Fox? I mean <i>seriously</i>? I don't even watch Torchwood and I can tell that's going to fall, it is the channel that seems to like cancelling shows like that.  Eh, maybe we'll all be surprised, but I somehow doubt it. Wasn't the very failed attempts at an American Dr Who whenever that was a sign it should never be done? 

And whilst on the subject, Dear American TV producers, why are you going after Shameless too? A show that is so British in essence that the American remake will be nothing like Shameless and should just be retitled "Sham". 
From Kal Penn's Twitter (freaking love that guy, awww Kutner)

So if the CA Supreme Court & voters are so concerned with the "sanctity of marriage", how about we make divorce illegal too? Any takers?
7 minutes ago from web

Ha, I'd love for someone to suggest that.

Question for you all...

Out of curiosity, and mainly because I'm writing a paper on it and am very, very bored, how many of you, especially you non-British people, have heard of The Booker Prize?

Poll #1393270 The Booker Prize

Have you heard of "The Man Booker Prize"?

No... wtf is that?
Heard of it but don't know what it is
Yes...but then I'm British.

*glomps everyone* hope you're having a good day!


Jan. 4th, 2009


I remember seeing ages ago a master list someone had kindly put together listing all the fic fests and when and where they were. Does anyone happen to know if that list still exists, and if so where it is? I’ve ruffled through all my different files where I might have saved such a thing, but no such luck has been had.

I’ve been so behind in keeping up with the fests over the last few months I haven’t been following recommendations as they were given. So far I’ve caught up on two of them and would love to catch up on the rest before I get lapped and this year’s posting gets underway.

In summary: does anyone have know where I might find said list of fic fests?

Hugs to you all, I hope you’ve had a pleasant weekend!